Saturday 22 October 2016

Lancashire Life....

A cat they say has nine lives well I am now on my second. I have been in Yorkshire Life previously through my bed and breakfast business and also when I thought up the idea of the Ryedale Rose with lots of glossy photographs too . September saw not only a write up about us and the history of Carr House Farm  and our families in Lancashire and North West Magazine,but it was one I had written too . So here is my second life in this Lancashire glossy.

I was asked to write 1000-1500 words and duly obliged somewhere in between. They gave me three days to  get it together and apart from the first couple of sentences which they must have cut down and doesn't read quite right the rest of the article is mine. I was delighted with how they had printed the photographs and must say quietly pleased with how it all came to print ... A 5 page spread.

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