Friday, 19 October 2018

Visit York Hospitality Awards --A Hat Trick

Armed with 4 finalists in the Visit Yorkshire Hospitality Awards and their bosses Ed Fawcett from Studford Lodges and Simon Parker from the White Swan in Ampleforth we went along to the VisitYork Hospitality Awards which were held in the Every Man Theatre in York.

I had sponsored one of the awards and Alexandra Kew from the Principle won that one.

 I was delighted when the entries I had put in scored a hat trick. First to win was Matty Cressey for the Warm Welcome for Studford . Then I had to be "a fake Jo" as the presenter called me as Jo Skelton could not attend, so I was the substitute for her winning the Sparkle Award for the best cleaning staff. Kuba Bartosiewicz won the Star Behind the bar award. It was quite unbelievable that with all the serious competition that we can away with some many wins.

Truly a night to remember not only for winning the 3 awards,

  but when the winners and finalists got backup on to the stage it was so wobbly that we were very lucky to get off it on one piece.

Then on to celebrate we went to the Windmill nearby first and then went down into town with Anna another winner who works at the Whippet in town. I knew Anna previously when she had won at the larger Visit York awards in the Summer and I guess it wouldn't be long beofre we see her again soon at the White Rose Awards .... the awards season is well under way

Monday, 27 August 2018

Duck Race results with extra help from the little people...Part 2

Duck race at The Fairfax Arms in Gilling East.... part 1

Bank Holiday Monday at the Durham Ox

And all before 10 .30am ...
 I had the butcher coming for his tea tonight, his wife is away on holiday and I didn't want to slave over the Aga all day - well it was Bank Holiday Monday. I nipped along to pick up some steak pies from his sons indoor market stall which was at the Durham  Ox in Crayke. Katie, his girlfriend had kindly saved me two.
There is something about the events that the Ibbotsons do that means each and every one of events they organise is always spot on . It is called a Knack, well that is what we call it here in North Yorkshire. In the posh South it may come under the term gift. But whichever, it was spot on .
Knowing the pies were safety saved I had a look around the other stalls. My favourites from Ampleforth Village market were there too. Queen's Flowers and Sophie from Bakehouse in the Barn cakes and tarts. But then there was gin ..our most local distillery -Cooper King ... 42%. Infused with lavender and honey. As I am not over keen on lavender, or honey for that matter, I thought I should try before I bought. 9.45am on a Monday morning, but needs must, as it was to add to my collection of 35+ gins. But this was not the liqueur 22% stuff this was the real Mccoy. Mistake- I would try it neat well as nice as tonic..and sensible too, you dont really get the exact taste. Not a good idea to drink on an empty stomach and as most of you know I rarely drink in any case. As I purchased a bottle and was tempted with more this stage you could have sold me a dozen bottles, How I managed to carry a tray of free range eggs out I do not know ...we have our own hens but I thought the man still had a lot of sell... and well I might need a few more ...and he had come a long way ..and he was very pleasant . All I can say Durham Ox you do the best bacon sandwiches. I safely got my 30 eggs to the car without them getting scrambled ,although I think there was a few who wonder how I managed.