Wednesday 17 May 2023

A week in my life

It is surprising how fast a week goes. Things come up that you dont imagine. Not like when we were at school 50 years ago now since I left and that is one thing that is so different .We used to know we did French every day at some point and had double lessons in PE and cooking -they were the best bits of school apart from holidays and play time which were called breaks when we got to big school . I was busy putting posts up with clothes and old pillowcases on to scare the crows off the corn that was coming out this week. Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally would have been horrified. Rena is helping with the paintingand is battling through getting windows painted. We have been moving things about and clearing space to put tomoto plants in the old greenhouse at the farm.With the rain we have had and that the rhubarb is looking very healthy and in fact I must say a good looking crop . I have joined Helmsley Gardening Club but nothing was as good as been able to ask my Dad what to grow and how to grow it but now I cant so I have to look to take different measures . The heated open air swimming pool at Helmsley opens this weekend but think I will wait a week or two to let it warm up .Although saying that I was repotting some plants outside and there was some water stood in pots in the sun and it was surprising how warm it was. It was Rena's birthday the other day so we had a ride up over the Moors - they dont have anything like that in Japan and she was really amazed and took lots of photos I will take her again when the heather is out as even after all these years we marvel at the purple carpet that stretch for miles. Excited to hear Adam Jackson is on the move again and thsi time to the Rattle Owl on Micklegate in York so this is my place to go for my birthday .Nearer to home Tommy Banks has taken over the Abbey Inn at Byland Abbey and we have been watching workmen busily working away getting it ready for opening very shortly. It will be a success I am sure as those Banks brothers have vision and we wish them well as it is good for the whole area. The competition at the last WI meeting was something old and these were the entries which took my eye

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