Sunday 19 February 2023

A little bit more than Spring clean ...

I used to write blogs all the time for years before there was "bloggers" "influencers" and the like, they were probably at juniors school when I used to write them a lot. Things you put off for a day turns into a week and then longer. And hey ho a year has nearly gone by. Life this last 6 months has been so packed that I do a job and then move quickly on to the next.Another off the tick list My father was 100 in September and died peacefully in October. It had been long decided when the time came we would move back 'home' to Wass Grange. Home was built in 1881, a solid stone farmhouse with high ceilings a beautiful oak staircase which my Father years ago painted bright orange 'to cheer" the place up. Not only did the staircase get painted but the panelling too,7 doors and skirting boards on ground level and similar on the first floor. They will stay and I see from colour palettes that it is quite an "in" colour for 2023 so it must have been 40 pls years ago when Father had an idea and my Mother would have a dicky fit . As we find fashion goes round in 40+ years cycle. The dining room was where I first started on and a living room where we will spend most of our time. It was a good job I like scrapping wallpapper off, as each room if papered takes between 14-16 rolls so you can tell how big the rooms are. My uncle always called Carr House here I do my Bed and breakfast - the dolls house as even though we have quite a few rooms here they are quite small. I am lucky that we are only 2 fields apart so I can nip over as and when The doors in the living room were a maroonish colour so have got them brightened up with going shades lighter and Heritage paint of Poison Apple which are certainly no shrinking violet colour. But as those of you who know me I am no beige/magnolia person I cant abide such non descript colours when there issuch a world of colour waiting to be used. And do you like the wallpaper on the dining room as it was a big treat, it is only on one wall but if I managed to find the cast iron fireplace which was put in an outbuilding for safe keeping and have yet to find there is enough wallper to patch the renovation up. It is a nod to my father who had many ornamental pheasants and exotic birds in his lifetime and Mulberry has created this one Game Birds which was very apt. I am starting to get some curtains up but it all takes time and as soon as I hung them up I knew they had to be let down ,I will get there !

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  1. It looks like you certainly have your work cut out for a while Anna!