Sunday 15 July 2018

Fish and Butter ,Butter and Fish

I was delighted to receive an invite which took me to watch Rob Green giving a cookery demonstration on how to cook fish. It was arranged by the North York Moors National Park and the Fishing Authorities ,
Did you know 90% of our wonderful fish caught down the East Coast of Yorkshire is exported to Europe and beyond. So if you are stay by the coast in Spain enjoying your lobster it will more than likely have been caught not far from me.

 I have been in contact with Rob Green for many years when he owned a fish restaurant in Whitby. As much as people enjoy fish, some like a change or would rather eat a steak. So after many a tweet and spinning it around on Twitter I created Wednesday night steak nights in Rob Greens restaurant, hoping that diners would then go twice a week once to eat superb fish but then be tempted by my drools of whopping big steaks on a Wednesday. A great marketing way of thinking as it plants a seed in a customers mind and if you keep chipping away at it they remember .

I am quite happy to cook fish,I dont have a problem.  Rob made the filleting of it look like child's play He had the very sharpest pliable knife. He showed us how to dress a crab and to take the ink out of squid . Both of which I have done many times and was surprised how many people hadn't. Wonder if they just open a tin or sardines if they want a change. Of course I had to chirp up I liked mustard mixed in with crab. You must try it as it certainly does improve the taste.

The conclusion of the day was everything for me

tastes better when it is cooked in butter...

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