Sunday 19 February 2017

Life in Leeds

This week saw me in Leeds I had meetings at the Welcome to Yorkshire Offices for the PSMG. This is a group represented tourism businesses from all across Yorkshire . I was kindly chaparoned by Charles Forgan who is based at the Captain Cook Museum in Whitby. We went in on the train from Northallerton.

Dry  Sand Foundry is where Welcome to Yorkshire are based in Foundry Square,Holbeck in Leeds. It is just a quick walk from the station over the wharf and then round a corner and over a little footbridge .It was a lovely morning and there is always something about water and locks that interest me . A passage in time.

Our meeting lasted around two hours which was time to see what has been happening over the last quarter and more importantly what will happen in the coming one.

Sir Thomas Ingelby, from Riply Castle, is our chair. There is lots of exciting things happening and some of them will be revelled in march at Y17. The rest are cogs in the wheels and decisions that are made by the board which will be implemented in the future.

I love going to meetings in the City and thrive on the responsiblity of bringing new ideas to the table. The board loved one of these ideas and I will let you know when it is in place when it happens. All I can say about it now it will benefit a lot of businesses throughout Yorkshire .

There is a big part of me that shows I am a country girl at heart. As Jack always says when he see the White Horse of Kilburn on the hill he knows he is nearly home. So when I saw the Horse out of the window of the train I knew I was nearly home.

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