Monday 6 March 2017

A trip to Castle Howard

This time my trip was not to look around the best of historical houses and gardens in Britain but to go to the nursery to meet Nick the head forester to pick up some hedging plants as we have had a new fence put up  both sides of the drive and it will be lined with a hedge. I have gone here since I was a little girl with my dad as he believes we should plant trees every year for future generations to enjoy. He is 94 now and continues to do this. He went with me for the ride out and "to keep me straight" - a Yorkshire term for making sure I got it all right.

His mission really was to go to the garden centre and buy seeds and he likes to chat with the lady behind the counter as they exchange views on which is the best to plant and when and what varieties they like the most.  We got packets of seeds -broad beans,tomatoes ,all year round lettuce and some carrot seeds as they were free if you bought so many packets !

I admired the beautiful urns and garden pots ....
then we had to get some seed compost that seemed to weigh a ton as I carried it to the car.

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