Sunday 30 April 2023

The Songwriter and the Star

There is so much going on I hardly know where to start and as today is the first day of May I have a diary quite full already with things to do and places to go ,people to see and weeds to pull out of the garden. But what is very exciting is that recently we had a lady stay who is talented who together we hope we will be offering some new and amazing to the area. Her forte are music but there is much more as not only does she write music, she sings and plays too. As well as something else but just for now we are working to bring it together. It is very exciting and my head spins with the possibilities of what lie ahead.We celebrated the Best of North Yorkshire at the Star in Harome - well there isnt any other place I would rather go. This lady was bowled over so I knew it was a good choice of place to take hereby the food,staff and surroundings. Well done Andrew Pern and thank you for creating this amazing place - The phoenix has certainly risen from the ashes. But there was something,not food, in there that touched me to the soles of my feet .Thank you Andrew I am not one to burst into tears but it certainly brought a lump to my throat.

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